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Below is a rundown of the necessary steps required to obtain a firearms licence allowing you to get shooting on a certified shooting range as quickly as possible.

1.    Phone the Firearms Registry on 1300 362 562 and request a Firearms Licence Application for Category A Target Shooting Permit. 


You can also apply online at:


2.   Joining Cecil Park Clay Target Club is easy, contact our staff to find out how this can be done at which point you will have access to all facilities at Sydney's premier international shooting facility.  


Cecil Park CTC can sponsor you for Cat A Target Shooting & Cat B Recreational Hunting and Vermin control licenses.

3.   Next, you are required to undertake a firearms Safety Awareness Test which can be arranged by our qualified officers at the range.  Just give us a call and we’ll book you in as soon as possible.  The awareness test is in 2 parts, a written multiple choice questionnaire followed by a short practical test to ensure you understand firearms safety.  You should download and read the SAT Firearms User Guide located under downloads in our quick links section. You are required to bring all the forms that you have received from the Firearms Registry at the time of sitting this examination with us.


4.   Next you will need to send the original firearms licence application form, your safety awareness test pass certificate and a letter of membership with Cecil Park Clay Target Club which shows your ACTA membership number to the Firearms Registry (via Registered Post).  

5.   You will firstly receive a letter stating that the Firerems Registry has received your application and is processing it.  On the top of this letter is your Firearms Licence Number.  If approved, this will be your actual firearms licence number located on your official licence card. 


6.     You can login to the NSW Police Firearms Registry and check the progress of your application.  Just enter your firearms licence number and the Captcha code to display the current status.


7.     In the meantime you can continue to shoot using your P650 which needs to be signed each time you visit the range. 


8.     After approximately 6-8 weeks, you will receive a letter from the Firearms Registry instructing you to attend a Services NSW (Old RTA) office to have your official firearms licence photo taken.  You should take your letter from the Firearms Registry with you.  

9.     Your licence will cost approx. $100 for 1 year or $200 for 5 years.  Some pensioners are exempt from fees, contact NSW Services to find out more or enquire within.  Additional information can be found on the Firearms Registry website, using the link below.

The time period to obtaining a licence varies, but typically takes between 6 and 8 weeks from receipt of application and cannot be shortened due to Firearms laws. 

The NSW Firearms registry is located in Murwillumbah NSW and has a website located at:

For more information about licensing, please contact one of our licensing officers from the list below and they will guide you through the process

Leo Pezzano                      0438 066 056                  Salvatore Agostino          0414 764 349 

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