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TOKENS ( Payable at SISC office)

CPCTC Members:   

Frequent Users:  Purchase 10 tokens in same transactions and receive 11th token free.


Available from the SISC Office 
Any enquiries regarding ammunition or tokens please call the SISC office on

(02) 8782 0100
CPCTC Dress Rules

All shooters are required to dress in an appropriate manner
The following are prohibited, camouflage clothing, singlets or sleeveless tops, swimwear, leotards, offensive t-shirts, thongs or sandals and gun straps. 
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Whilst Shooting the wearing of thongs, sandals or bare feet is prohibited. The Wearing of high cut shorts is also prohibited.
The above clothing policy applies to all shooters Australia wide when participating in the sport of Clay Target Shooting. Ear protection must be worn and glasses are highly recommended whilst shooting, coaching participants or as a referee.
Shooting vest ,T-Shirts, neat and tidy Shorts, Trousers or Jeans are the appropriate attire when shooting.
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